• Welcome to Petal and Purl!

    A small crafting group from Caston, Norfolk continually looking for creative ways to utilise knitted squares! Fundraising, special events and a new online Emporium.

    Petal & Purl 2020

    'Walking in the Air', over Norfolk and beyond, is the exciting new theme for Petal & Purl 2020. Save 21-22 and 28-29 November in your family's diary, and join our mailing list to ensure you don't miss out!


    Since 2018, the creative knitters of Norfolk's picturesque village of Caston have surprised and delighted at special events and exhibitions across the UK. Browse the highlights for yourself.


    New for 2020, the knitters and arts-and-crafters behind Petal & Purl proudly introduce the new online Emporium - where you can purchase some of the most popular items - and all for a good cause.